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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indonesia Surf Camps and Surfing Summer Camps

Paradise Surf Camp
Location: Krui, Sumatra, Indonesia
Description: Located in the Sumatran rainforest and sandwiched between more world class waves than we can count, Paradise Surf and surfing camp in Krui South Sumatra is the place to go for those looking to escape the crowds in Indo.
Camp Type: Day and Overnight Camp

Banyak Island Lodge
Location: Sumatra, Indonesia
Description: Surf camp situated in north sumatra.
Camp Type: Day and Overnight Camp

Location: Sumatra
Description: Paradise Surf Camp Sumatra is the premiere surf camp on Mainland Sumatra. Offering private, budget bungalows right in front of Karang Kyimbor, Paradise is the best of both worlds. Cheap accommodation, good waves, join us now!
Camp Type: Overnight Camp

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Mondex Professional said...

What about Bali surf camps
? We will appreciate if you can also provide rates for all level packages please.By providing rates, surfers especially newbies in the surfing world can decide the most practical surfing camp to enroll in Indonesia.